EMT Orientation Canvas Shell

EMT Orientation Canvas Shell

Welcome to the College of the Canyons EMT Orientation! 

During this course, students work shifts on the ambulance and in hospitals and are expected to provide emergency care under limited supervision. Students must have the emotional maturity to work in a high-stress environment and appropriately manage emotionally charged situations including illness, injury, and death of adults and children, behavioral crisis, assaults, and potentially violent or dangerous situations. Students are covered by COC's Worker's Compensation plan and are encouraged to purchase malpractice insurance at their own expense. Hospital and ambulance shifts take place outside of class time and students are responsible for all expenses and for transportation to and from clinical sites.

Course Requirements & Expenses

  • You must be fully vaccinated for Covid by the first day of class. If you became fully vaccinated more than 5 months ago you must also have a booster. Please review the State of California Healthcare Worker order, LA County Healthcare order, the LA County EMS Policy, and the LA County healthcare worker FAQ
  • You must be at least 18 years old on the first day of class
  • You must have a social security card
  • You must be present the first day of class or you will be dropped
  • Waitlisted students must be present on the first day of class to be added
  • No students are added after the first day of class

Due Week 1: Complete Checklist 1 and all of the included forms

Due Week 1: Complete Checklist 2

Due Week 1: 

Due Week 2: 

Due Week 3: Complete Checklist 3 and all items below

  • Print the forms for free at the ASG computer lab or email them and pick them up curbside
  • Follow the directions carefully
  • Print neatly and in BLACK ink
  • Do not staple the forms, and do not check items off yourself or write below the line 
    • Best order to complete these items
    • Student Health and Wellness Center prices and resources
    • Fire Safety card 
    • TB Tests
    • Titers (Antibody Tests) and Vaccinations
    • Physical
    • Background check
      • Must NOT have been convicted of:
        • Murder
        • Felony assault
        • Sexual offenses/assault
        • Felony possession and/or furnishing without a certificate of rehab
        • Felonies involving weapons and/or violent crimes
        • Misdemeanor theft or felony theft (this includes shoplifting)
        • Fraud
        • Drug or alcohol offenses without certificate of rehab
        • DUI convictions (waived with court order showing completed sentence/probation and a Drug & Alcohol Course)
    • Drug test (DOT standards)
      • You will be tested for all of the following:
        • Cocaine metabolites
        • Amphetamines
        • Barbituates
        • Benzodiazapines
        • Marijuana Metabolite
        • Opiates
        • Phencyclidine
        • Propoxyphene/Metabolite
        • Methadone
        • Methaqualone
    • Flu form for hospital (stating you have already been vaccinated)

Need more help?

If you have questions about the course requirements or how to complete the documents, please contact the Program Director at prehospitalmedicine@canyons.edu or Nursing@canyons.edu

For financial assistance, please contact the Basic Needs Center (BaNC).  Complete the registration form and tell them you are taking a Career Technical Education course. They may be able to provide grants and access to other financial resources.